Covid-19 School Procedures


Alert level information for our school

School Open

School Open following strict guidelines detailed below.

School Open for children who are unable to be supervised at home only.
An opt in form will be sent out for those that need to attend on what day/s with a message from the Principal and Team Leaders.

School grounds closed, gates locked. All students and visitors must enter through the school office.

School Closed – no staff or students onsite. School grounds closed, gates locked.
Distance learning put in place (term time only)


Parents that have pre-arranged to enter Maungawhau School for an urgent reason and our Room 1 & 2 parents must register at every day prior to entering and exiting the school grounds. You can do this on your phone and you will need to show a staff member your check in confirmation. This is not a phone app you just need to go to your internet browser.

In addition, the school QR Code is also displayed on all entry points to the school for your digital diary. However, as we do not get this data you will still have to register on GuestHQ if you have to enter the school grounds.

Parents are able to enter the office to speak to office staff or pay accounts but must adhere to the social distancing Alert Level 2 requirements and then exit through the same door. The door by the hall coming into the Administration Block will be locked.

Wearing of Masks
Wearing of masks is optional as we follow guidelines from the Ministry of Education and Health experts.

Drop Off
School gates at Thames Street, Ellerton Road and Wairiki Road will be open from
8:30 to 9am, and again from 2:40 – 3pm. In the morning students will be met at one of the gates by some staff members and school leaders. We would appreciate parents modelling social distancing as you approach the school gate.

Late to School
All latecomers MUST enter the school via the school office only.

Staggered Pick Up Times
We request that parents pick children up or they walk home at the following times.

2:40pm (Junior School Students + their sibling/s in Middle and/or Senior School)
2:50pm (Middle School Students + their sibling/s in Senior School)
3pm (Senior School Students)

All three gates below will be used. Please enter at this gate in the morning and remind your child/children that this is the gate they will be collected from in the afternoon, unless they are enrolled at OSCAR. All children will come to the gate with a staff member (older siblings will be with their youngest sibling).

Ellerton Road Staff Car Park Gate
Thames Street
Wairiki Road beside Basketball Court

In all cases, please wait outside the school for your child/children to come out of the grounds to meet you.
Ellerton and Wairiki road patrols will operate as usual by either our parent volunteers or staff members, but will commence in the afternoons at 2:40pm.
We ask you to support us as we try to avoid too many parents at the gates at any time. Your physical distancing is very important, so please avoid grouping at the gate and arrive on time.

Reporting and Absence
To report your child’s absence please notify the school on the morning of the absence or in advance if applicable. Please make sure you give a detailed reason for their absence.

Alternatively please email [email protected] or phone 09 6388829

Sick Bay
No students should be at school if unwell. Students with pre-existing medical conditions or identified as vulnerable should contact their health provider to discuss a management plan for returning to study.

As social distancing remains at Level 2 please advise your child that the walk-in Sick Bay will not operate in the same way. This will keep face to face contact at a minimum. Exceptions are emergencies. In these cases, Sick Bay staff will wear gloves and masks.

Any non-emergency issues will be dealt with by the teacher and/or Duty Teacher. If a staff member is concerned about a student’s health they will phone the parent and will arrange collection from a specific gate.

We ask all students and staff with asthma to bring their inhalers and spacers to school. For alert level 2 they will now be kept in the classrooms and not in the Sick Bay. All inhalers already kept in the sick bay will be taken to the child’s class. Spare inhalers will still remain in the sick bay for emergencies.

For suspected Covid-19 cases we will need to isolate them in the Sick Bay. It will only contain one person/student at a time while awaiting pick up. We will then contact the Ministry of Health with regards to decontamination of the Sick Bay.

School Events/Excursions
We will keep you updated on any changes to upcoming events/excursions as and when we can via our digital newsletters.

Extra Food
Please also ensure you pack extra food and a piece of fruit (for the fruit break) as we will not have any extras in the school office during Alert Level 2. Ezlunch orders will be available but they will still need fruit and morning tea. Water fountains will be closed but drink bottles can be topped up in the classroom sinks.

Thank you for carefully reading this long newsletter. I look forward to welcoming back our students tomorrow.

OSCAR will be operating under Alert Level 2.
Parents/caregivers are required to enrol and book their children on aimy Plus:

Casual Bookings
These must be made before 1pm on the day care is required. You will be advised if our programme is unable to take your booking. Please phone Joseph on 021 950489

Parents/caregivers will need to contact the OSCAR team ([email protected]) by 1pm if their children are unable to attend our programme. If we are not notified by 1pm the fee for the booked session will still be applied.

Your child will be taken to OSCAR at 2:40pm. You may collect your child from the Ellerton Gate only and from the hall door by the Sports Shed. There will be a table set up to sign your child out. Please do not enter the hall. Your child will be brought to you.