Create app icons on your mobile device

Create app icons on your phone

It is really easy to bookmark pages on our website and turn them into quick access apps on your phone.

Our school website does not have a dedicated mobile app however you can create shortcuts to your home screen for pages you use regularly, which act just like an app now that our site is fully mobile responsive.

Creating a bookmark on your home screen lets you use it as a one-tap portal to access specific content, instead of having to open a browser and search for pages.

When you tap a website bookmark on your home screen, it opens directly to the specific page.  You can then create a folder dedicated to school with a number of pages for easy access.

Detailed below are instructions for both iPhone or Android devices. The most common website pages are featured on the home page as quick links already.

  • Report an absence
  • School lunches
  • Kindo
  • Calendar
  • Newsletters

Android device

1. Go to school website
2. Tap on bottom right hand side lines
3. Tap “add page to”
4. Tap “home screen” then rename page if required, then click add, then click add again. You will then find the shortcut on last page of home screens.
5. You can then add multiple pages on our website as shortcuts and move them in to one folder and name it “Maungawhau”.
6. You can then hold down folder and move it to first home screen.

Apple iPhone or iPad