Teaching is based on the New Zealand Curriculum and some programmes are modelled on an inquiry approach in which the children are encouraged to pose relevant questions and seek answers through a range of literacy sources.  The following seven essential learning areas are :

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Health and Physical Education
  • The Arts – Music, Art, Dance and Drama
  • Social Sciences
  • Technology
  • Science

Teaching and learning programmes are planned to ensure children work at their own academic levels.

Teachers take part in regular professional development to ensure they are up to date with modern teaching practices.  They plan cooperatively to provide children with learning experiences and strategies to develop the skills necessary for life long learning.



Early and Advanced Numeracy programmes operate throughout the school.  They allow a teacher to assess a student’s number knowledge and strategies used and to implement appropriate tasks and student groupings.  At times teachers may plan together in order to cater for students requiring both extension and intervention teaching. Mathematics takes place daily and children may be required to move to other classrooms for instruction. This is called cross grouping and is a common practice used in many New Zealand schools.


Tania Plaisier has overall responsibility for these programmes throughout the year.


The school provides a variety of support programmes to cater for individual needs.  School Leaders have specific responsibility for additional literacy and mathematics support across the school.  Children with specific education and behavioural needs are carefully monitored and specialist intervention and external agencies may be recruited.


At times, the school works with a number of professional agencies in relation to learning and behaviour issues.  Some of these agencies include:

  • RTLB (Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour)
  • GSE (Group Special Education)
  • Speech Therapist
  • Truancy Officer
  • RTLit (Resource Teacher of Literacy)
  • Public Health Nurse