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Schedule of Fees

2024 School Year
Fees & DonationsYear 0, 1 & 2Year 3 & 4Year 5Year  6
Year LevelJuniorMiddleSeniorSenior
Mathletics/Reading Eggs/Mathseeds/Writing Legends and/or Writers Toolbox$50.00$50.00$50.00$50.00
Activity Contribution Feesee school statementsee school statementsee school statementsee school statement
Garden to Table Contribution – Yr 3 & 4 only$70.00
Donation (Voluntary)$450$450$450$450

Our parents help provide a quality education for our students by giving a voluntary contribution. The donations are used to give your child/ren opportunities beyond what is funded by the government.  For those of you who are unaware, from this year the previous decile rating system which was used to determine various funding formulas for schools has been replaced by the Equity Index system.

Previously Maungawhau School was decile 10, now our Equity Index number has been assessed at 344. If you follow the link below you can see where we sit in comparison to other schools, and how our funding from the Ministry of Education has once again taken a hit.

The Ministry guidelines require that schools should not charge for curriculum expectations which would otherwise be a cost to school e.g. Mathletics/Reading Eggs, Mathseeds, Garden to Table for years 3 & 4, school trips to the museum (middle school) and beach education (juniors). In theory this is commendable however, in reality it creates a significant challenge when there is a strong community desire to offer these experiences, but our operational costs cannot stretch to fund them all. Up until now we have relied upon families to contribute to the ‘activity fee’ where in nearly every case costs were covered. It is worth mentioning that no student at Maungawhau has ever missed out on any of these activities due to not paying and this will continue to be the case.

Our Board of Trustees will need to ascertain throughout the school year whether there has been enough uptake in parents choosing to pay the curriculum donation as to whether some of the outside trips will be continued in future years.

School donations have been well supported to date, for which we are extremely grateful. Your donations enabled us to supplement our inadequate Special Needs grant to provide release time for our SENCO (Special Education Needs Coordinator), employ additional Learning Support staff in classrooms (11 staff), a music specialist, a sports coordinator plus many resources for specific learning needs.

All payments can be made online with Kindo or at the school office.

We also accept payments via internet banking, or you can bank directly into our bank account. Please clearly label payments with your child’s name and your reason for payment e.g. donation, activity fee, out of school care etc.

Maungawhau School Bank Details:
ASB (12-3067-0197120-00)

Activity Contribution Fee

Extracurricular activities refer to an activity that is not a part of the delivery of the core curriculum at school but is provided to our students to enrich and enhance their learning experience.

Families will be informed in advance of any such activity and the cost for their child to participate. Examples include school trips, visiting drama groups, senior school camp, mathletics and reading eggs online programmes, sport team zone competitions, netball and flippaball. We shall provide a permission form which you’ll need to sign in advance before your child can participate in the extracurricular activity. We appreciate any contribution to cover the cost of these additional fees. If there is genuine hardship in paying for any of these fees, please come and have a confidential and sensitive discussion with either the Office Manager, Student Administrator or Principal.

Mathletics, Reading Eggs and Mathseeds – the school pays an annual school subscription for these valuable online learning programmes and pass this fee onto parents. Children will be provided a login and password at the time of enrolment. During the rollover period (by end of February annually) the children are assigned to their new year group and classroom teacher. Login details remain the same and can be used during all term breaks and the end of year holiday period.

We’ve partnered with Supergenerous!

Signing up with Supergenerous is an easy way to make your generosity go further. You can amplify your impact at no extra upfront cost. If you have donated to us in the past 4 years you may be eligible for a donation rebate of 33.33%. If you are an individual New Zealand tax resident who has received taxable income in the current financial year, then you are entitled to a rebate of up to 33% on each donation you’ve made to Maungawhau School.

The Supergenerous online platform makes it super easy to claim your donation rebates back. It takes a few minutes to sign up and they give you the option to regift your tax rebate back to us as a new donation.

How it works:

For every $100 dollars you have donated (or will donate) to us, we will receive another $33 at the end of the first year. What’s more, this $33 is considered a further gift of money meaning that around $11 is claimable the following year and so on! After three years, your $100 donation could be worth up to $148!

How to opt in
To opt in to Supergenerous to gift your tax credits on donations to us for this tax year and going forward, simply click on the link below, fill in a few details, and let the experts at Supergenerous sort the rest out with Inland Revenue. It’s completely free for you to use, and only takes around one minute to do. Before you begin, you will need your IRD number. Please note that once you have signed up, you will not be able to claim this tax credit for yourself. We pay a small fee to Supergenerous to do this for you on our behalf. So please take a minute to click the link below now, and help your gift keep on giving.

For more information and to sign up, visit Supergenerous.

Your children benefit from the contributions of current parents and those of previous parents. Each generation ‘pays it forward’ to support the high standard of teaching and facilities that benefit every student. We invite you to join us in continuing to create a culture and a school where every student can thrive. Thank you.