Donations, Fees & Payments

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Schedule of Fees

2022 School Year
Invoices, as advised in the 'Back to School 2022' email, are sent out when the school year commences.
Fees & DonationsYear 1 & 2Year 3 & 4Year 5Year  6
Year LevelJuniorMiddleSeniorSenior
Mathletics & Reading Eggs$50.00$50.00$50.00$50.00
Activity Feessee invoicesee invoicesee invoicesee invoice
Garden to Table Contribution – Yr 3 & 4 only$60.00
Donation (Voluntary)$440$440$440$440
OR with prompt payment discount$395*$395*$395*$395*
*if paid before March 31st*if paid before March 31st*if paid before March 31st*if paid before March 31st

In order to continue providing the high quality of education and facilities that Maungawhau School is known for we ask that our families support the voluntary donation to help us top up the money we receive from the Government. New Zealand Schools are not funded equally.  Maungawhau School is classified as a Decile 10 school. This means that we get less funding per student than lower decile schools.  We rely on parental support such as voluntary donation/curriculum fees and FOMS lead fundraising.  We appreciate your support with this and all contributions are gratefully received. 

Please note that last payments offered at reduced rate are due on 31st March of each year, after this date discounts are no longer offered. All requests for money are detailed in writing and sent to you.

Children should not have money at school except to pay for extra curricular activities such as sport zone events which we’ll communicate to you in advance.

All payments can be made online with Kindo or at the school office.

We also accept payments via telephone, internet banking, or you can bank directly into our bank account. Please clearly label payments with your child’s name and your reason for payment e.g. donation, activity fee, out of school care etc.

Maungawhau School Bank Details:
ASB (12-3067-0197120-00)

Supporting the school with a Tax Gift

Maungawhau School is a Tax Gift school! Please sign up to SuperGenerous to boost your current school donations and help us achieve our swimming pool and landscaping upgrades that much sooner.

So support us even more at absolutely no cost to you by signing up to SuperGenerous with allows you to Tax Gift.

Did you know that your donations to us attract a tax credit? Don’t let that money go to waste!

By gifting us your school donation tax credit, SuperGenerous can grow your donation by up to 33% at no additional cost to you! It’s the easiest fundraising ever and takes less than a minute to register by simply clicking the link below.

These additional funds will make a huge difference to the education we can provide your children in 2022, and going forward, and we greatly appreciate any donations received this way.

Haven’t claimed donation tax credits before?

Gift them to us! If you haven’t claimed your donation tax credits on your school donations to us in the last four years, you can donate them to us with a simple tick of the historic tax credits box in the TaxGift form.

How does it work?

With TaxGift, every $100 that you give to us can become up to $148 without you paying anything further!

What else should I know?

It won’t cost you anything to sign up to TaxGift; no money leaves your bank account (although the school pays TaxGift a small fee for its services). Signing up to TaxGift appoints TaxGift as your tax agent solely for the purpose of gifting your tax credits back to Maungawhau school. Don’t worry – it doesn’t affect any other tax agents that you might have (for example, if you have an accountant who does your tax returns). You must be an individual New Zealand tax resident who has earned taxable income in the relevant tax year to be eligible for the tax credit and you can opt out of TaxGift at any time by emailing their friendly team.

You can visit TaxGift’s website for more information.

TaxGift grows gifts: opt in today!

Activity Fees

Extracurricular activities refer to an activity that is not a part of the delivery of the core curriculum at school but is provided to our students to enrich and enhance their learning experience.

Families will be informed in advance of any such activity and the cost for their child to participate. Examples include school trips, visiting drama groups, senior school camp, mathletics and reading eggs online programmes, sport team zone competitions, netball and flippaball. We shall provide a permission form which you’ll need to sign in advance before your child can participate in the extracurricular activity. We appreciate any contribution to cover the cost of these additional fees. If there is genuine hardship in paying for any of these fees, please come and have a confidential and sensitive discussion with either the Office Manager, Student Administrator or Principal.

Mathletics, Reading Eggs and Mathseeds – the school pays an annual school subscription for these valuable online learning programmes and pass this fee onto parents. Children will be provided a login and password at the time of enrolment. During the rollover period (by end of February annually) the children are assigned to their new year group and classroom teacher. Login details remain the same and can be used during all term breaks and the end of year holiday period.