In late 2018 we had the Education Review Office (ERO) visit our school. ERO is the New Zealand government department that evaluates and reports on the education and care of students in schools and early childhood services. The purpose of ERO’s external evaluations is to give parents, whānau and the wider school community assurance about the quality of education children and young people receive.

We welcomed them with a wonderful powhiri along with our newest students to the school and they then spent the rest of the week interviewing and observing life at Maungawhau School.

As a board, we are grateful for this opportunity to review ourselves and our school and reflect on how we are delivering on our strategic plan. Our Vision of Shaping the Future really resonated with the reviewers and captured what we are striving to achieve. We have received a draft review and is extremely positive. Some of the strengths they have identified are:

  • leadership that is highly effective in promoting teaching and learning environments that support student learning and well-being
  • a well-developed culture of evaluation and professional inquiry that is centred on improving learning outcomes for all students
  • personalised learning programmes that deliberately build the capabilities of self-regulated learners
  • responsive and respectful school and community partnerships where there is joint responsibility for student achievement and wellbeing.


Please click on this link to download the detailed PDF report from 2014 on our school.  You will find it on this page on the far right hand side.  ERO Report

From the 2014 report – “How effectively is this school’s curriculum promoting student learning – engagement, progress and achievement?”

Students benefit from a settled learning environment that reflects the school’s culture of high expectations. Affirming relationships and positive values provide a sound foundation for student learning. The school’s curriculum is responsive to student strengths and needs, and to new educational directions. The school monitors the progress and achievement of individual and groups of students well. Available school data confirms the good progress students make and their overall high levels of achievement.