Meet the 2019 Classroom Teacher Evening


Meet the 2019 Classroom Teacher Evening

Wednesday, 13th February 5:00 pm - Wednesday, 13th February 7:00 pm

Please note this is for enrolled students and their families only. This is not for children on the pre enrol register, except those that have been allocated their term 1 new entrant class already.

Today is our beginning of the year, meet your child’s teacher session. This starts at 5pm on our school field, with the three different syndicates meeting at three separate times to allow for families with more than one child at our school, to hopefully meet all of their children’s teachers. Our organisation is as follows:

5:30pm the Whanake Junior session starts (years 1 & 2, rooms 1-10)
6pm the Waipuna Middle session starts (years 3 & 4) rooms 13-17 and rooms 22 and 23
6:30pm the Matauranga Senior session starts (years 5 & 6) rooms 19/20, and rooms 24 -28)
7pm end

A reminder that this is a chance to find out where your child’s class is, meet your child’s teacher and hear about the programme for 2019. This is not an opportunity for individual parent/teacher meetings. If you require one of these, please make an appointment directly with the classroom teacher, by email. I look forward to seeing you at this event.