We welcome the use of our beautiful school grounds after school hours and on weekends by our local families.  Please observe safe play practices.  If you observe any vandalism or suspicious behaviour, please inform the police.

Our Tuanui courts are available for hire within our community.  For further details please click here. 


Only Year 6s, followed by Year 5s who have participated in the school’s bike safety programme are allowed to ride bikes or scooters unassisted to school. Year 5 students need to request permission from the principal to ride their bike to school once they have completed their bike safety course.

No bikes or scooters may be ridden in or through the school grounds before school or after school until 3:30pm for safety reasons. Bikes and scooters may be stored in the racks provided near room 25. Please note these racks are for senior school children only.


There are allocated dog zones at our gates where dogs can be tied up and no dogs are allowed in school grounds during school hours.

Please tell your children that dogs are often unattended and are not to be approached without the owner’s permission. Thank you for your support with this to make it safe for our children and to also protect the animals.


We have a music specialist and Year 2-6 are scheduled for an hour a week.

Our music studio is made available to private tutors throughout the day and lessons are offered to children both during the school day and after school.  Contact details for tutors are available at the school office.


A range of opportunities are offered including:

Athletics, Choir, Kapa Haka, Instrumental group, Kiwi Rugby, Touch Rugby, Oz Kick                     Netball, Swimming, Hip Hop, Flippa Ball, Orchestra, Recorder, Soccer, Cricket, Softball, Gymnastics             Cross Country, Ukulele.

There are a variety of community groups offering extra-curricular activities at our school.  For further information please contact the school office.


The Discovery Centre, which includes our library, is staffed by our librarian, resource manager and ICT specialist.  It is open from 8:30-3:00pm.  Classes visit at least once a week to borrow books and to undertake research.  Books lost or not returned incur a full replacement fine. All books need to be returned before 8:50 am on the due date.   All school learning resources are housed in the Discovery Centre.


Each class visits the library once a week to borrow books. Class teachers will inform you when your child’s library day is.  Books need to be returned to the returns box in the library either before or after school. Children are encouraged to take on this role themselves.


We have a 21-metre solar-heated pool.  Classes have swimming sessions during Term 1 and towards the end of Term 4, dependent on the weather and water temperature.

Instructional swimming is a regular part of the physical education programme.  All children are expected to participate unless a note is sent to the class teacher.  Parents are required to assist for Junior Class so that swimming can go ahead.

The school offers pool keys in the summer season for $190 (per family) to families of current enrolled students.  These can be obtained from the office.  Please click on this link for further information.


All classes have computers with intranet and Internet capability.  Computers are an essential tool in children’s learning and in teaching and learning programmes. Right from an early age children are taught how to be cyber safe but this also needs to reiterated and built on at home.

SCHOOL MAP – click here for the school map image.