FOMS is a school community group which meets once per term and more frequently when required for specific project planning. Every parent and teacher is automatically a member and all are welcome and encouraged to attend these meetings – you can be as actively involved as you wish.

For further information on how to get involved, upcoming events and meeting dates, please visit the new School Community Website

You can also keep up to date via our Facebook page

If you would like to view the MINUTES or AGENDA from one of our meetings, please click here.

FOMS Goals:

  • Nurture our school culture through inclusiveness
  • Provide a vehicle for new parents to the school to become part of the school community
  • Provide a forum for parents and caregivers to help understand our school and how we can help support
  • Assist in fundraising and community/fun events
  • Enhance school communication systems
  • Encourage parent involvement
  • Encourage relationship building between families and school

FOMS Contact Information

Chairperson: Tamara Liebman –

Events & Fundraising Coordinator: Lara Hrstic

Secretary: Position vacant!  If you would like to register your interest for this role please get in touch with Tamara on the email address above.


Each classroom requires a parent who volunteers to be a Class Liaison.

Karen Blanchard from the office will provide all Class Liaisons with a list of email contacts for their class, so that you can communicate with your class easily.  Parents will be been given the opportunity to ‘opt out’ of this list so you may not have all parents on your list for this reason.

As a Class Liaison you are encouraged to arrange the parents of your class get together in Term 1, as the sooner you can get the class together,  the easier it is to communicate with them throughout the  year. This really helps when we need support and volunteers for the numerous events we run during the year.  Parent and family gatherings also encourage our community spirit and sense of belonging.

Attending the FOMs meetings (held 1-2 times a term) is not a requirement but recommended. The meetings are a great way to get to know the school, other parents, to have a voice and to help out where we can.

Role and responsibilities

FOMS believe there is value in classroom parents being connected, supported and represented by one or two parent volunteers per class, schoolwide, in a Class Liaison role. 

Below is an outline of how you can get involved as a Class Liaison:

Attend FOMS meetings and communicate Agenda items to/from class parents. These meetings are informative and interactive. All Maungawhau parents are welcome to come along. It is useful if the Class Liaison attends to facilitate feedback and sharing discussion ideas.

Circulate a class contacts list. Ensure class parents can contact each other (eg through an email list) to arrange playdates, etc

Organise a social function early in Term 1, and other gatherings as wished:

  • Family picnic/BBQ/fish and chips after school at Centennial Park, Cornwall Park, Potters Park or on the school field
  • Drinks/dinner for parents. Group friendly places include:
    • Coffee morning (for those at home with pre-schoolers) at a local cafe
    • Local businesses that support us in Auction/Fair events, so it is nice to give back to them eg. Scarlet Slims & Lucky, Garden Shed, Cazador, Tusk, Little Jimmy, Orvieto (please make sure when you book to tell them you are from Maungawhau so they know we supporting them.)
  • Always invite your teacher!
  • Try and give plenty of notice for the event by either e-mailing parents on your list using your class list or ask your teacher to put a note in book bags

Encourage parents to support school fundraisers and attend FOMS social events e.g. Movie nights, get a table together for Quiz night or Auction night.

Encourage parent help for the class stall at the school Fair (Term 4). NB: The Class Liaison is not under any obligation to manage the class stall, this is a separate role.

Assist parents who are new to our school to feel welcome and be informed

Appropriately support parent-teacher communications, (eg: key date reminders, trips, swimming timetable and parent help requirements)

Co-ordinate end of year gift for Teacher. Check with your parents if they are interested in contributing to a group gift. Organise money collection and ask class for gift ideas (Vouchers/Prezzy Cards are often popular!)



In the last few years our FOMs and Fair Committee teams have reviewed the fundraising challenges for our school and this year we would like to approach fundraising with greater emphasis on the kids, family fun, and spreading the workload across the year.

We’re a fun bunch (yes, all of us!), meeting at all sorts of venues, and we’d love for a few more of you to join us.

Traditionally a large fundraising expectation fell on the fair alone, putting added pressure on parents, kids, and teachers alike in the critical final term.  By introducing a spread of fundraising activities throughout the year we believe we can deliver a series of fun community events, for parents and children, that are less stressful overall but still deliver against the fundraising target.

Our fundraising efforts go into improving the school for all our students and our latest big project was renovating the outdoor Tuanui Court which will cost the school over $500K once fully completed.  This means that hosting regular events and fundraiser we can continue to improve the school and its facilities for our whole community to enjoy.

We host….
Year round – Sausage sizzles, ice block sales, calendar art
Education Challenge Fundraiser (“athon”)
Parent Quiz Night
School Fair
Auction Night
and others…

We are open to parents running their own fundraisers, so please get in touch if you are interested in getting a team together for an event or idea you may have.

Our hope is that mix of events will serve to bring a steadier pace to fundraising, increase the fun factor and remove “Fear of the Fair” from parents’ mindsets.  We would love a few more willing and able helpers for the following openings so we can proceed as planned:

If you prefer to help without committing to monthly meetings there are lots of smaller tasks we would appreciate your help with such as making signs, driving for food pick-ups, etc.  Please just drop us a line with your interest.  If you are interested in any of these positions please contact the office or email

Thank you in advance for supporting your school community.


For over 100 years Maungawhau school has been a pillar of the Mount Eden community. It is a very popular decile 10 school, with a relatively small catchment area, and is attended by more than 650 children.

Fundraising is very important in our school as we receive the least amount of government funding which directly impacts our children’s schooling life.  

Fundraising is split over a number of activities not only to help us reach our annual target but also to provide a supportive environment that ALL parents are encouraged to be a part of – let’s have some fun while we support our children and the school.   Be part of your school community by getting involved, it is also great way to meet people.

The annual school fair is a highlight of the local community’s calendar, attracting thousands of attendees from the local area and far beyond. It is a fun, vibrant and energetic event offering a wide range of food, entertainment and shopping experiences over the course of the day. 

We have a dedicated School Community website and Facebook page, both of which are great forums to keep in touch with news and events within the school and our local community.