Friends of Maungawhau


FOMS is our school’s community group which serves to support our school and its families. Getting involved is a great way to learn about what’s happening in your child’s school, to develop friendships and to contribute your ideas, skills and energy to making the school a great place.

FOMS is an open community. Anyone who is interested is welcome and encouraged to participate. All parents and teachers are considered part of the community.

Each term a FOMS meeting will be held that everyone is welcome to attend. You’ll hear from school leadership about what is happening in the school and have an opportunity to share your ideas. From these meetings, committees may be formed to plan and carry out specific events, like the annual School Fair. Participation is entirely voluntary for all roles. You can choose to get more actively involved by helping in a variety of ways. Please read more below about FOMS opportunities.

To share your ideas or find out more, please get in touch here –

For further information on how to get involved, upcoming events and meeting dates, please see the school weekly newsletter. You can also keep up to date via our Facebook page

FOMS Goals

  • Nurture our school culture and spirit through inclusiveness
  • Engage parents and whanau in the school and wider school community
  • Provide a forum for parents and caregivers to help understand our school and how our community can provide support
  • Assist in fundraising and community/fun events
  • Enhance school communication systems
  • Encourage relationship building between families and our school

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions or ideas.
After each meeting, we post notes for our community to read regarding things discussed. These are also posted in our school newsletter. If you would like to read these, click below.

Class Liaisons
Each classroom requires a parent to act as Class Liaison. This volunteer role is not hard but is essential to connect and support engagement between the teacher and each of the students’ families. The time commitment is minimal – a few hours a term.

The main responsibilities are to communicate with all the parents in the class and to coordinate a few activities that bring parents and teachers together. You’ll circulate a class list (opt-in) so parents who are interested can contact each other.  Attending the FOMS meetings (held once a term) is recommended as it’s your opportunity to learn what’s happening, share your ideas, and to help out.

Being the class liaison is a great way to get more involved – you’ll get to know your child’s teacher and how things work in the school. You’ll also develop a greater sense of belonging and friendships with other parents and people throughout the school.

You’ll be provided with more information from our school office, your teacher and FOMS to support you in this role.

If this interests you, please talk with your classroom teacher at the start of the year, we really welcome and would appreciate your support.

Fundraising & Community Activities
Fundraising at Maungawhau is a great way for the parent community to come together to raise additional funds which directly benefit our children – from playgrounds, to Tuanui, the annual fair makes a world of difference to our students’ school life.

To bring balance in our busy lives we approach fundraising with an emphasis on great outcomes for our children, family fun and spreading activities across the year.

As Maungawhau School is a decile 10 school, we rely on fundraising led by our parent community to raise money to pay for additional products and services that enhance the learning experiences and school environment such as technology in the classrooms, new classroom furniture and more.

Our fundraising efforts go into improving the school for all our students. Our latest big project was renovating Tuanui, our covered and turfed outdoor learning and play space. To be able to fund amazing opportunities for our children like this we need to host regular fundraising events which will allow us to continually improve our school facilities for our whole community to enjoy.

We regularly host….

Sausage sizzles, ice block sales, discos (year around)
Education Challenge Fundraiser which students complete (“athon”, once per year)
A Parent Quiz Night (Term 3)
Our iconic School Fair (Term 4)
and more…
Parents are welcome to suggest and run their own fundraisers. If you have an idea or would like to join in an existing fundraising activity please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

And if the idea of working on a large project isn’t your thing we have plenty of fun, smaller tasks that we would greatly appreciate your help. Please contact us with your interest.
Thank you in advance for supporting your school community.