We are committed to proactively managing, monitoring and reviewing health and safety systems.  If you become aware of anything that might be harmful to the physical or emotional safety of students, staff or parents please inform a teacher, the office staff or the principal.

Staff promote positive interactions and talk regularly with the children about appropriate school behaviour.  A positive, caring and inclusive school climate is a feature of Maungawhau School.  Unacceptable behaviour will be addressed by the teacher who will ensure that parents are informed.  Parents should address any concerns to the class teacher in the first instance.


Children who have been injured or are sick are sent to the medical room beside the main office.  A staff member will attend to all injuries and accidents.  Staff members have received training in basic first aid procedures.

If it is considered that a child needs further medical attention, the parents/caregivers will be contacted and if they are unavailable, the named emergency contact.  If we are unable to make contact with anyone and the condition is worsening, we will take necessary action, which may include taking the child to Three Kings Accident and Emergency Clinic or calling an ambulance.

If a child is not well enough to return to class, parents will be asked to collect the child.


When a child is required to take medication during school hours, a form must be completed and signed for administering the medication.  These are held at the school office.

If a child has a known medical condition (e.g Asthma, allergies) please let the office staff know and fill in medical details for administering medication when required.  Children are not allowed to carry medications in their school bags.  All medications are kept in the school medical room.


A dental screening van visits Maungawhau School to examine the children on site.  Those who require treatment will attend, by appointment, at the Children’s community clinic in Balmoral.

Parents should contact the clinic direct on Ph 6234537 for further information regarding the services provided, including emergency treatment.