At Maungawhau School we are lucky to have a range of technology. Children in Years 0 – 2 use Tablets to during instructional lessons as part of the lesson or as a follow up activity. Tablets are used to support the Literacy and Numeracy in the classroom. Children will have the opportunity weekly to use a device. Teachers have input with the apps and can add any apps that support their classroom programme. 

In the Middle and Senior School children move to Chromebooks. Children are given the opportunity daily to use a device. All Year 3 – 6 classes have 10 Chromebooks that support daily programmes. Children have the opportunity weekly to use them for Mathletics, Reading Egg and to write on. Children are all assigned a Google account and are taught to use Google Drive. 

Online safety in very important. We have strong unit plans that are taught and are a main focus in Term 1. These lessons are referred to throughout the year and children know to let an adult know if unsure about something. We also have strict rules around the use of their Gmail accounts. 

At Maungawhau School we use Hapara to monitor what is on the children Chromebooks. Hapara means we can view all screens, emails, Google Drives,  trashed items and can support and remove things as needed. 

Our ICT team is used to support teachers and we run workshops to support staff with updating their own skills as well as giving ideas on how to integrate ICT into the classroom. 

ICT is about using a range of technologies to support and improve learning and teaching in classes.  We use lots of different technologies such as: 

  • Chromebooks
  • Video cameras
  • Digital camera
  • GoPro’s
  • Tablets
  • Touch screen TVs
  • Projectors
  • Microscopes
  • Interactive White Board (IWB)

and the list goes on!

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