Music is part of The Arts in the New Zealand Curriculum and at Maungawhau School the students have a one hour session as a class each week with a music specialist. In music education, students work individually and collaboratively to explore the potential of sounds and technologies for creating, interpreting, and representing music ideas. As they think about and explore innovative sound and media, students have rich opportunities to further their own creative potential.

We offer various extra-curricular music groups which students have the opportunity to join. If your child is interested in joining a group they need to speak to their music specialist.

We are also very proud to offer opportunities for children to learn a variety of musical instruments in addition to the school curriculum.  Lessons generally take place in either small groups or individually for 30 minutes a week. Itinerant music specialists liaise with classroom teachers to ensure a harmonious balance between academic and musical studies.


Various Instruments
Cherry Music Studio offers private lessons just up the road on Rocklands Ave.
Lewis Eady Music School offers lessons at Maungahwhau in:  piano, guitar, drum kit, violin, saxophone, voice and much more. Contact: