Our Staff

Senior Management

PrincipalDelanee Dale[email protected]
Deputy PrincipalBen Fahey[email protected]
Associate PrincipalTania Plaisier[email protected]

Junior School Team

WHANAKE TEAM (Junior School)

Transition to School/Team LeaderElizabeth Love (Liz)[email protected]
Room 1 – Yr 1Meg Duncan[email protected]
Room 2 – Yr 1Karina Bell[email protected]
Room 3 – Yr 1Lynley-Anne Watson[email protected]
Room 4 – Yr 0Tanya Paterson[email protected]
Room 5 – Yr 1Melissa Woods[email protected]
Room 6 – Yr 2Isabel Evans[email protected]
Room 7 – Yr 2Georgina Scouller[email protected]
Room 8 – Yr 2Jessica Ge[email protected]
Room 9 – Yr 2Georgia Merlino[email protected]
Room 10 – Yr 2Shubha Venkatrao[email protected]
Room 11 – Yr 0opens in term 3
Room 12 – Yr 1Rita Johnson[email protected]

Middle School Team

WAIPUNA TEAM (Middle School)
Team LeaderSangah Park[email protected]
Room 13 – Yr 4Heath Lewzey[email protected]
Room 14 – Yr 4Patricia Cooper[email protected]
Room 15 – Yr 4Grace Tye-Wood[email protected]
Room 16 – Yr 3Jessica Searle[email protected]
Room 17 – Yr 4Sangah Park[email protected]
Room 18 – Yr 3Sera Kim[email protected]
Room 22 – Yr 3Rebecca Lines[email protected]
Room 24 – Yr 3Cameron Mackintosh[email protected]

Senior School Team


Yr 5 Team LeaderAjita Goh[email protected]
Yr 6 Team LeaderAneil Ganda[email protected]
Room 19 – Yr 5/6Ajita Goh[email protected]
Room 20 – Yr 5Georgina Jackson[email protected]
Room 21 – Yr 5Charlotte Hares[email protected]
Room 23 – Yr 5Amelia Stowers-Wah[email protected]
Room 25 – Yr 6Robyn Bull[email protected]
Room 26 – Yr 6Michael Fenner[email protected]
Room 27 – Yr 6Aneil Ganda[email protected]
Room 28 – Yr 5Padma Raju[email protected]

Office Staff

Office ManagerRuth Dale[email protected]
Student AdministratorKaren Blanchard[email protected]
ReceptionistChloe King & Lauren Blanchard (Wed)[email protected]

Specialist Staff

*SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator)
*ESOL (English for Students of Other Launguages)

SENCO*Tania Plaisier[email protected]
ESOL* LeaderElizabeth Love (Liz)[email protected]
Music SpecialistClaire Pearce[email protected]
Music SpecialistViolet van Muller[email protected]
Sports AdminPeter Williams[email protected]
Garden to TableCheryl Tinholt (Kitchen)[email protected]
Garden to TableAndrea McCombie (Garden)[email protected]
OSCAR Staff[email protected]
PropertyKirk Hopkins[email protected]
Library ManagerLisa Smith[email protected]
Te Reo Part-Time TeacherViolet van Muller [email protected]

Release Teachers

ReleaseOlwen Blain[email protected]
ReleaseDenise Tombleson[email protected]
ReleaseSarah Richards[email protected]
ReleaseFaye Philp[email protected]
Release/Maths SpecialistMarilyn Schroeder[email protected]

Support Staff

Learning SupportKim Hustler[email protected]
Learning SupportShoba Ranjit Singh[email protected]
Learning SupportSandra Lum[email protected]
Learning SupportAnn Graham[email protected]
Learning SupportSophie Dan-Tyrell[email protected]
Learning SupportKaren Waetford[email protected]
Learning SupportPragna Daya[email protected]
Learning SupportXandri Oousthuizen[email protected]
Learning SupportJimi Yoon[email protected]