To search for a local business, click this link – DIRECTORY.


Ever wanted a tradesman, baby sitter or someone to make your curtains, but don’t have a locally recommended person to call on? Do you have a bach or holiday home available to rent to our school community?

Ever wondered how to get your business (big or small) advertised in the local community without spending a small fortune?

Well the new Maungawhau School Community Business Directory is just what you’ve been looking for!

This term FOMS is launching a new facility for parents of Maungawhau students to advertise their businesses in a web based business directory on our community website. This is free to participate in and free to use, provided you have at least one child at Maungawhau school in this calendar year. (Eligibility may be expanded in due course, but for now is confined to parents of current pupils.)

So if you are an Arborist or a Zipper repairer, you do Massage or Magic, you are a small business or lead a team of
1000, your advertisement will be welcome. Feel free to include any promotions you wish to offer. What do you need to do?
1.   Log onto our community website and register via this link: .  You will need to provide most of the usual contact details plus will have the options to add a short blurb about your business and key words for the search function, as well as a logo, website address, email address and other relevant communication routes. (If there is not a suitable category to put your business under, please register it under “Other” and we will modify the categories as needs become clearer.) Once you have completed your
registration you will receive an email acknowledging your submission. The team overseeing the directory will
vet the submission and, provided there are no changes required, the advertisement will be validated and “go live”.

2.   If you have any issues with registering, email us at with your details and/or any questions and one of the team will be more than happy to help you out.

So don’t hold back –  register now!!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us. Go ahead – make the most of our wonderful Maungawhau network and community spirit!