The are 4 school sport houses at Maungawhau School

  • Te Tatua – Yellow
  • Maungawhau – Blue
  • Maungakiekie – Red
  • Owairaka – Green

Your child will be allocated a house on enrolment and will remain in that house throughout his/her time at Maungawhau School.  Siblings are allocated the same house.

Our Physical Education programme encourages students to engage in movement experiences that promote and support the development of physical and social skills in a collaborative environment.

We aim to foster critical thinking and action which enables students to understand the role and significance of physical activity for individuals and society.

Our students learn through participating and contributing in physical activity to understand, appreciate and move their bodies, relate positively to others and gain a sense of belonging within their classes and the wider community.

This learning takes place through;

  • team or individual sports and games played within the school and between schools
  • sports, play and games at breaks
  • short activities in transition times
  • time tabled physical education lessons and expressive movements in diverse physical and social environments.


Our Health Education programme encourages students to develop their understanding of the factors that influence the health of individuals, groups and society. Students use these skills and understandings to take critical action to promote personal and interpersonal and societal wellbeing.

Our aim is for students to build resilience through strengthening their personal identity and sense of self worth, through managing change and loss, and through engaging in processes for responsible decision making.

Our students learn through participating and contributing in Health education to demonstrate empathy and develop skills that enhance relationships and foster a sense of belonging within their classes and the wider community.

Students develop competencies and understandings within the Health curriculum;

  • reproductive health and positive sexuality
  • mental wellness
  • food and nutrition
  • sports studies
  • outdoor education
  • safety management of body care and physical safety and also other specific focuses–bike safety, stepping out, water safety, keeping ourselves safe, evacuation procedures

Here is a link to our new school overview: Maungawhau Full School Health Overview