It’s a privilege to be leading a school with such a long history (established in 1912) and strong reputation for being a community focused school.

As a school leader I am mindful that our approach to learning needs to be 21st century focused. We now know so much more in terms of how students best learn and what comprises effective teaching. At Maungawhau School we pride ourselves on doing the very best that we can for all of our students, all of the time. This occurs by our staff’s strong commitment to their own professional learning and ensuring our programmes are engaging, motivating and challenging for all learners. It is also important to me that our students feel happy and safe at school and we provide a nurturing environment.

This school has a lively and active wider school community, focused on making our great school greater. I encourage you to read the parent links on this website, in order to become more involved in the wider life of our school.

Delanee Dale M.Ed. Mgmt (Hons), B.A., Dip Tchg