At Maungawhau School we strongly recommend you subscribe to Mathletics and Reading Eggs which can be paid for with your annual Activity Fee to the school.  Both programmes are linked to our curriculum and are subsided by the School and each child is charged a reduced fee of $50.

We have seen accelerated progress in our students who regularly use these programmes. Children engage in these programmes and the more they participate the more rewards they earn. We suggest 10 minutes each day or three 20 minute sessions a week on each website.  Subscribing to Mathletics and Reading Eggs through the school is considerably cheaper than as an individual.  Our teachers receive regular professional development in the use of Mathletics and Reading Eggs so we can keep up to date with new additions to these programmes and ensure we use these websites effectively.

How do we use Mathletics and Reading Eggs at Maungawhau?

Once a child has paid their subscription, the Office gives them a user name and password.  Teachers will then allocate the student to a levelled programme for Mathletics that is based on their current Maths level so that the tasks are appropriate to the student’s learning needs.

For Reading Eggs (children reading at  age 4-7 years) and Reading Eggspress (children reading at age 7 years and higher) they will sit a placement test to decide the level they start on. Students are timetabled for these programmes in class time.

Teachers may assign weekly tasks (usually up to five tasks) that the child will need to do before they can access other parts of the website.  As our students who are working on personalised maths plans become more independent they will start selecting relevant activities for themselves.

Both programs are encouraged as positive screen time for children as they are interactive and educational.

We will run information sessions for parents a couple of times a year, so that you can familiarise yourself and assist your child’s learning at home.


Mathletics develops children’s knowledge and skills and we recommend they participate in a range of activities.  Children can work in the levelled activities to build their knowledge and use of strategies.  Live Mathletics helps build the quick recall of basic facts.  Other activities on the website include Rainforest Maths, Concept Search, Problem Solving and Times Tables Toons.

Excellent website which students use regularly in class






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Reading Eggs develops children’s reading skills and knowledge of letter sounds, vocabulary and high frequency sight words through engaging games and activities.

Reading Eggspress focuses on developing comprehension and spelling skills.

Read books online and practice reading comprehension

Read books online and practice reading comprehension






For information on devices you can use please view:

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