The school hall is available for hire after school and weekends.


Bond: $200

Hourly rate casual: $40 per hour

Hourly ate recurring: $25per hour

Caretaker’s callout fee: $42 per callout

Lost key fee: $30


Hall Security: 

The contact person/key holder is responsible for ensuring the hall is fully secure after hall use. All windows and doors must be locked and electrical equipment turned off.


The contact person/key holder is responsible for ensuring the alarm is correctly used and reset.  Any expenses incurred by the school as a result of the hirer’s actions will be met by the hirer, including for example fees for alarm control call-outs (approximately $80) or attendance by the Fire Brigade (approximately $1500.)

Car Parking 

Parking is permitted only on sealed areas.


Nails, drawing pins, staples, sticky tape, blu-tak and other fastening methods that may damage any surface must not be used.


  • Consideration must be shown for the neighbours.
  • Excessive noise and/or loud music will not be tolerated.
  • Complaints from two or more residents shall deem the noise to be excessive.


The hall, kitchen, toilets and adjacent grounds must be cleaned after use to return these areas to their original clean state. Brooms, mops and buckets are provided in the hall for this purpose.


The hirer must provide their own rubbish bags and all rubbish must be removed from the school grounds.


All furniture and fittings must be left clean and returned to their pre-hire positions. Seats, tables and equipment must not be dragged across the floors, but be lifted to prevent marking the floor.


Only standard lighting and power point capacity is provided. The hirer must not overload, or otherwise use, the lighting or power supply for any purpose other than that for which it is designed.


The hall piano must not be used unless authorised.

Alcohol and Smoking 

No alcohol shall be consumed within the precincts of Maungawhau School.

Smoking within the buildings and within the school grounds is strictly prohibited.


Cooking is only to be carried out in the designated kitchen area. The lighting of any fire within the school hall or school grounds is strictly prohibited.


The school strongly recommends the hirer arrange a public liability insurance cover for the period of hire. Insurance cover of equipment belonging to the hirer is not covered by the school’s hall insurances.

Times of use 

All functions must cease and cleaning be completed early enough to allow the buildings to be vacated no later than the time hired. The grounds must be vacated within half an hour after hireage time has lapsed.

Once you are in possession of the keys it is not permissible to gain access to the hall at any day or time other than previously arranged with the school.


The hirer shall be responsible to the school Board of Trustees for any loss or damage to the grounds, buildings, fittings or equipment and the full cost of rectification thereof. The hirer shall report any loss or damage noted to the custodian as soon as possible prior to vacating the premises.

Bond Tenure 

The hirer acknowledges that the premises shall be inspected prior to occupancy and again after vacating. Final inspection will be made prior to further hireage, or within 24 hours of vacating and at the discretion of the custodian or school appointee.


Any disputes or queries initiated by the hirer shall be addressed to the Board of Trustees whose decision shall be final and binding on all parties.


The hirer shall acknowledge and comply with any or all requests or directives given by the custodian or his/her deputies.


The school Board of Trustees may cancel or terminate a hire for any reason and shall not be liable for any expenses or loss of revenue incurred by the hirer, but will refund to the hirer any money paid in advance on account of the hire age.

The hirer must provide a minimum of 7 days notice if cancellation is required. A penalty of $40.00 will be payable for failure to notify cancellation within the 7 days.

Legitimate Use 

The hirer shall ensure that the precinct of Maungawhau School will only be used for the purpose hired and that no illegal activity shall take place, or if such activity is detected, shall indemnify the school Board, its staff and officers from implication or prosecution. The hirer shall ensure that use is restricted to bona-fide members.


Hall Hireage Agreement Form