lunch2Maungawhau School offers a school lunch scheme for busy parents who opt-in at their own expense through EZLunch. Founded in 2010 by a concerned Kiwi mum, EZLunch provides healthy menu options and a hassle-free ordering system.

How it Works

Parents can order lunches for their children by going to the EZLunch website, logging in, and choosing from a variety of menu items. Lunches are available Monday through Friday. Through EZLunch’s Quick Order system, parents can stay organised by ordering days in advance. All orders must be placed online by 8:30am that day to ensure that students receive their lunch.

How to Join

Visit the EZLunch website.lunch1

Setup your family login.

Enter details for each school child (to be used for food delivery).

Place your first order!


For More Information

Please contact EZLunch directly with any questions. They may be reached by phone on (09) 475 5287 or by email at . More information may also be found on the EZLunch website: