Our school is fortunate to have a beautiful school pool which is used by students from year 2 and above for class teaching during terms 1 and 4.

Over the summer, our school community may hire pool keys from the school office. We have limited numbers of access codes available so please see the school office if you are interested.


Pin cost – $200 per family
Use of the pool is for pin code holders and immediate families only
Opening hours – 8am to 7pm (excluding school hours) beginning Saturday 30th November 2019 until further notice. 

In order to ensure safe and enjoyable conditions for all pin code holders, the following information applies:

  • Due to new Health and Safety regulations please do not share your pool pin code with anyone. This is a breach of pool use conditions and your pool privileges may be cancelled.
  • The pool will be closed and not available on Tuesday afternoons between 3.00pm and 6.00pm and Thursday afternoons between 3.00pm and 4.30pm (term time only). FYI: During the school holidays from 2-3pm Oscar will be using the pool; however, it can still be used by pin holders. 
  • Do not allow unsupervised children or people without a pin into the pool area at any time
  • As the pin code is unique to yourself, there will be no need to sign in and out like previous years. Please note that the use of your pin will be monitored by the system.
  • Please ensure the door is closed behind you when entering and leaving the pool facility
  • The Principal reserves the right to recall and/or cancel any arrangement with any individual pin holder and close the pool to pin holders without notice.
  • The Board of Trustees accepts no responsibility for accidents or injuries within the swimming pool complex. 
  • If you forget your pin, please come to the office and they can let you know the pin number
  • If any damage is noticed, or there is an issue with cleanliness, advise the school office during school term time or, out of school hours, phone the Caretaker – Ben Hopewell 022 602 10751 or Grant Shattock on 0274 807 444
  • In the case of inappropriate behaviour, if you feel comfortable dealing with the incident yourself please do so, noting the pin holders name if you can. This can then be reported to the office for further action. Alternatively phone the Caretaker Ben Hopewell 021 246 6481 or Grant Shattock on 0274 807 444 or the local police. 
  • A telephone is available in the entry foyer for emergency use. Dial 1 for an outside line.
  • In case of a security issue, please call ADT Security 580 9700
  • All children 10 years and younger must be actively supervised by a caregiver 17 years or over at all times.
  • Children 5 years and under must be accompanied in the pool and within arm’s reach of a caregiver aged 17 years or over at all times.
  • Expected adult to child ratios:
    • One adult to two under 5 year olds
    • One adult to four 5-10 year olds
    • One adult to one under 5 year old and three 5-10 year olds
  • Appropriate swimwear is to be worn at all times. This includes togs, shorts (above knee) and rash tops – singlets, t-shirts, boxer shorts, bras or camisoles, and denim shorts are not permitted.
  • Running, jumping, bombing, diving, play fighting and pushing are prohibited in and around pool areas unless explicitly stated otherwise.
  • No food or drink shall be consumed in the pools. Chewing gum is prohibited anywhere in the facility.
  • Patrons are asked to please consider their own personal hygiene and shower before entering any pool.
  • Any person with open sores, wounds or skin infections may be refused entry to, or asked to leave the pools for public hygiene reasons.
  • All children who are 3 and under or anyone who has not been toilet trained must wear swimming nappies.
  • Soap, hair products and cleansers must only be used in the designated shower areas.
  • Any substances that may result in the pool becoming discoloured, rendered unpleasant, turbid or unfit for proper use are prohibited.
  • Please ensure you remove all rubbish and personal items on departure.

In the pool area please:

No glass containers of any kind.
No food.
No smoking.
No alcohol.
No intoxicated persons.
No animals.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.  Enjoy your time in our beautiful school pool!