Transition To School

We are excited to offer our newly enrolled students the opportunity to visit us during our Transition to School Open Mornings each term before they start. This is to ensure that our new students feel secure in starting at our school with increased confidence and a greater understanding of school life. 

Students who are beginning in Term 2 can visit in Term 1 and 2; students starting in Term 3 can visit in Term 2 and 3, and students beginning in Term 4 can visit in Term 3 and 4. Open morning visits are in addition to any personalised beginning school visits that each new student will have with their New Entrant teacher closer to their own school starting date. Our Student Administrator, Karen Blanchard, will be in touch to arrange this. During all of our open mornings, we require a parent or a caregiver to attend with their child. We ask that preschoolers do not attend, as these visits will be in established New Entrant/Year One classrooms.

To attend our open mornings please:

  1. Email Liz Love to confirm the number of children and adults that will be attending.
  2. Bring a fruit snack so your child can sit and eat at our 10 am fruit break.
  3. Please meet in the school office to sign in at 8:45am. Visits conclude around 10:15am.

Dates for 2021 are:
Term 1
Week 8 Thursday 25 March (RSVP by 18 March)

Term 2
Week 3 Thursday 20 May (RSVP by 13 May)
Week 8 Thursday 24 June (RSVP by 17 June)

Term 3
Week 3 Thursday 12 August (RSVP by 5 August)
Week 8 Thursday 16 September (RSVP by 9 September)

Term 4
Week 2 Thursday 28 October (RSVP by 21 October)
Week 7 Thursday 2 December (RSVP by 25 November)

We look forward to meeting you soon.
Liz Love Transition to School Leader